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You are here: Arm Guards > HEXARMOR 19'' ARM SLEEVE AS019S

Code: HEX-AS019S

Innovative industrial puncture protection from wires, metal, wood, and glass from wrist to bicep. Won't fall down like knit sleeves, lightweight and cooler than knit or leather alternatives. Lasts 13 times longer than competitive sleeves.Neoprene thumb loop and alligator sleeve clip keeps sleeve from falling down. Launderable.

- General Work
- Glass/Metal/Wood Handling
- Assembly
- Food Packing/Processing

Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

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HexArmor Arm Protection will outperform, outlast, and fit more comfortably than the competition. Most end user customers experience a reduction in safety equipment spending of over 60% using HexArmor Arm Protection. No more snags, punctures, abrasions, or cuts to the forearm with this unique product. All HexArmor products are engineered to provide users with the highest levels of protection in areas where risk is the greatest. Experience the Science of Safety that has helped reduce injuries and lower PPE costs in the harshest work environments.
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